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Star Wars Midis

The Jedi Council Banner Exchange

Ok, so I didn't make these songs. But these are the best Star Wars Midis I could find. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Star Wars Main Theme

Star Wars Main Theme with 20th Century Fox Introduction

Imperial March

Battle Theme

Forest Battle on Endor

Throne Room March

Han and Leia's Love Theme

Luke and Leia's Theme

Yoda's Theme

Anakin's Theme

Darth Vader's Theme

Grand Admiral Thrawn's Theme

Emperor Palpatine's Theme

Ewok's Theme

Destroying the Death Star

Darth Vader's Death

Light of the Force

Ewok Celebration at the End of Return of the Jedi

The Flag Parade

Star Wars Finale

Cantina Band

Cantina Band 2

Cantina Band 3

Cantina Band 4

Jabba's Palace Band

Duel of the Fates



Yoda by Weird Al Yankovic

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