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So, you are a Star Wars fan huh? Well I think Star Wars fans are the best fans on earth, after all the Star Wars movies are the best series of movies ever made. So I think it is time someone gives something to the great fans of Star Wars. So here are 2 awards for all of the fans out there. Choose your destiny below and recieve your award for being the best kind of fan, a Star Wars fan. All of the Awards in this section were made especially for the NewsGroup alt.discuss.entertainment.movies.starwars.

I state that I am officially a Star Wars Loser

I state that I am a certifed Star Wars Moron

These awards were made because people have called some of us Star Wars fans losers and morons. Well just recently someone also said our HTML takes a long time to load.

So keeping in the spirit of these awards, looking someone in the face and saying "Yep, I am a loser and a moron. My HTML takes 5 years to load". I have made this last award. It is for someone who bombed us and said that HTML on E-Mail takes to long to load up. Here it is, the Official Star Wars A-Bomb Award. I made 2 versions of it.

I state that I am a Web-Junkie and I use HTML in my E-Mail

I state that I hate HTML in E-Mails and I think it should be banned

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